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Skipper Expo Trailer

Just in time for the annual SKIPPER EXPO in Aberdeen we are very happy to present some fresh new impressions of our game Fishing: Barents Sea. The SCANMAR reveal trailer will show you some beautiful panoramic views of the Norwegian coastline and give a first glimpse of the originally licensed equipment by SCANMAR.

Explore Barents Sea with a low frequency sonar with a range of up to two kilometers for detecting schools of fish, which will help you to pinpoint the exact sea depth of the shoals you are after. Equipped with these high tech devices the only thing left for you to do is find the right position and the optimum depth to lower your net. Another thing to consider in order to achieve the perfect catch is your speed. This affects the breadth of the net which you want to spread over the entire shoal. SCANMAR is one of the pioneers of catch control systems helping fishing companies to increase their efficiency and yields. You will be able to use these systems in the game to improve your yield as well and make the most out of your fishing trips.

Fishing: Barents Sea lets you take control of your own fishing vessel to scout the infinite expanses of the Barents Sea for the very best fishing zones.


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