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Fishing: North Atlantic
Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition logo

Discover the majestic world of Canadian Nova Scotia while admiring the vast diverstiy of ocean life. Explore the fishing zones with upgradable ships and fishing gear as you progress in your career.

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The sequel to the popular simulation game Fishing:Barents Sea invites you to put on your captain´s hat once again. Explore the wide ocean of Nova Scotia, try your hand at entirely new fishing methods and enjoy a huge range of highly detailed ships in the commercial fishing simulator Fishing: North Atlantic.


Fishing: North Atlantic Scallops DLC logo

This expansion will take you to the the bottom of the sea, where treasures are known to be found. The treasures here are called scallops and can only be detected using smart methods. For this purpose professional vessels with the latest fishing and navigation technology are at your service. Explore new worlds with Fishing: North Atlantic Scallops

A.F. Theriault DLC

Fishing: North Atlantic A F Theriault DLC logo

Our DLC - A.F. Theriault - featuring not one, not two, but three brand new boats! All three boats are officially licensed, meaning that they are faithfully recreated with every detail from the real boats taken into account.

So, set sail on your next adventure with A.F. Theriault and experience the thrill of the open waters around Nova Scotia in these three new boats.

Boats are available in the shipyard at Yarmouth, Lockeport and Ingalls Head.

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