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Fishing: North Atlantic - Christmas Update

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Christmas holidays are coming up and this year have been very special for us all, so we are happy to present you all our Christmas gift today.

The whole team has been working intensely hard behind the scenes for the last few weeks, to bring you a brand new boat called Double Trouble which can be bought at Ingalls Head port. This boat is a mid-size combi boat, which can be rigged for longline, net, deepline and lobster fishing. We had several requests for more mid-size boats so we wanted to make that wish come true.

You can now also customize the color on your boats, as well as the boats will now become icy during cold weather.

We have also added support for Logitech G920 & G29 and VRInsight Ship Console from Aerosoft, which closely mimics the real feeling of driving a boat with idle detent for throttles and a steering bar to easily feel the neutral position. Backlit buttons and aluminium throttle levers and steering bar further the immersive feel of handling a rig on the high seas, while anti-skid rubber pads will prevent you from ACTUALLY driving the console off of your desk or table! Generic support will follow in a later update.

The Aerosoft VRInsight Ship Console is compatible with all ship and boat simulation software, and in cooperation with us, for a limited time until the end of the Steam Winter Sale, if you purchase Fishing: North Atlantic, you can get a 6% discount on the VRInsight Ship Console using the promocode VRISC-WINTER-MISCG6 on the checkout!

You are also eligible for the discount if you’ve already bought Fishing: North Atlantic or Fishing: Barents Sea using the same promocode, so there’s no time like the present to deepen your commercial fishing experience this winter!

Full changelog on Steam.

Thanks to all our partners, license partners and players for the great feedback and support. We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Stay safe and healthy.


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