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Ships At Sea out now in Early Access

Ships at Sea, has launched in Early Access today on Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for $24.99 or €24.99 (with a 10% launch discount for the first week).

Ships at Sea is the culmination of creativity, drive, and innovation. Misc Games’ team of passionate industry professionals has taken the charm of the previous Fishing franchise and the feedback of their equally passionate community and created an all-new franchise, starting with this game.

Set in the unforgiving Norwegian Sea and around the harbors of Lofoten, Norway, Ships at Sea takes captains on their most realistic boating experience yet. Misc Games has harnessed NVIDIA’s proprietary WaveWorks water shader and Unreal Engine 5 to deliver the most striking, immersive experiences and cinematic-quality water simulation imaginable. Now with multiplayer capabilities, players can team up in a maximum party of four and complete various tasks and necessities.


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