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Ships At Sea coming in Early Access

We are excited to announce our upcoming simulator Ships At Sea, the highly anticipated sequel to the successful Fishing: Barents and Fishing: North Atlantic franchises. With numerous new and expanded features, brand-new gameplay mechanics, and the long-awaited multiplayer mode, Ships At Sea promises to provide an even more realistic experience on the high seas.

Ships At Sea will be available in Early Access for PC in 2024. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of ships and explore the beauty of the Lofoten region. Wishlist NOW on Steam!


Ships At Sea, the next generation of ship simulation, introduces service and cargo vessels for the first time, the most desired feature requested by our passionate fan base. Head with your friends into the untamable Norwegian Sea and connect with players worldwide as you build your service, cargo and commercial fishing careers.

In addition to the highly detailed fishing, service and cargo ships with new gameplay features, we will present a new water shader WaveWorks in cooperation with NVIDIA to provide a cinematic-quality ocean simulation, a completely overhauled buoyancy system allowing vessels of all sizes to float realistically, a dynamic weather system that enhances the overall immersion by simulating weather conditions such as rain, fog, lightning and storms.

Furthermore, Ships At Sea takes the most significant step forward, allowing you to set foot on the authentically recreated harbours in Lofoten, Norway. Visit the shop to purchase your tools or equipment, upgrade your vessels, stock up on essential supplies for you and your crew, or enter the hangar to repair and maintain your ship.

Like our previous games, Ships At Sea, lets you experience the atmosphere and realistic environment based on accurate maps, licensed ships and equipment. With stunning graphics, Ships At Sea delivers striking, immersive visuals to provide the most profound ship simulation experience. Join the adventure and become a master of the seas!

Main features

  • Single- and Multiplayer

  • Developed in Unreal Engine 5

  • Introducing service and cargo vessels with new gameplay elements

  • Boat category certificates

  • New ocean simulation “WaveWorks” from NVIDIA

  • New physical-based buoyancy system, allowing vessels of all sizes to float realistically

  • Character customization (clothing options for various career paths)

  • Boat customization

  • New dynamic economic system

  • New dynamic weather system

  • New marine life AI system

  • New fish species like halibut, salmon and spotted catfish

  • New and improved fishing methods

  • New license partners for ships and equipment such Ocean Space Acoustics, Lorentzen Hydraulikk, Østbornholms Kuttersevice and Breeze

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When is ships at sea coming to xbox?

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