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Fishing: Barents Sea – Line and net ships DLC

Our first boat DLC is being launched 9th of August 2018. Here you will get 5 brand new line and net boats. Our DLC will be available on Steam for 5.99€

Boats that will be found in this DLC is:

Tobie – A 23 foot fishing boat with very good sea features, with a stable hull that gives soft walks.

Sharky – Is 35 feet long fishing boat based on Viksund design, a top modern small fishing boat.

Fix – Is 33 feet long from the 1920s and the oldest fishing boat still in use in Norway.

Snarset – Is 49 feet long and made of aluminum, a top modern fishing boat.

Moby D – Is 66 feet long and based on a very popular Norwegian fishing boat design from the 1970s, its hull of wood and steel was to increase its strength and durability.

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